Disability Adaptations

Disability Adaptations

Adapting your property, especially if you are a commercial premises, to suit the needs of disabled users is now a legal requirement in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). One of the most important rooms that you must make sure is accessible to disabled and able users alike is the bathroom or public conveniences. It is important that disabled users can use the bathroom or toilet facilities as independently as possible. In order to make this posible its a good idea to make sure that you provide grab rails for the shower or bath, non-slip flooring, and suitable extraction to avoid excessive condensation or moisture.

Adapting Baths and Shower Rooms

Some shower cubicles can even be created to cater for both showering and going to the toilet, if they are fitted with a special macerator that gets rid of the waste. This can be particularly helpful in areas where space is tight.

Hot water

You must ensure that there is an even water temperature to prevent scalding accidents. It is possible to fix the temperature to a certain range so that no one can be hurt. And consider installing a thermostatic or electric shower.

Adapting toilets

It is usually easy to buy adaptations to raise the toilet seat to a required level. This might be just a second seat to go on top, or a frame that can be put over the toilet to ensure it is the right height for the disabled person. Raised toilet seats and raised seats with frames are usually available free of charge through social services following an occupational therapist assessment.

Disability Access Ramps

All commercial premises must be made acessible to disabled users, whether this is through the suitable provision of hand rails or the construction of concrete access ramps, we can help you to comply with legislation and improve the acessibility of your premises.

Why Choose PH Construction

There are many companies that specialise in adapting and fitting bathrooms. Find them at www.assist-uk.org.

But before you contact a company, try to get a visit and assessment from your local authority or NHS occupational therapist service. They are free of charge and unbiased as they don’t benefit from any sales that a company makes. It’s a good way to make sure you spend your money on what you or your relative need, rather than what someone wants to sell you.

Many suppliers have showrooms you can visit to see all the different types of bathrooms that can be created. Large companies have people that can come around and assess the best place for a new bathroom, or the type of fittings that you need.